Mei 28, 2011

This Is It

The July 13, 2009 would have started the "This Is It" tour ("This is How"), with a series of 50 shows that they saw Michael Jackson perform all his hits in the most successful and, it was rumored, even in new songs, if it were released a new album. Initially there were 10 dates from 8th July, but the demand for tickets had driven disproportionate Jackson (or his) extend the date until the end of February. Nevertheless, more than one million tickets sold out within hours doing SOLD OUT for all 50 dates, leading to a new record for the fastest ticket sales in history. In all likelihood, "This Is It" would be the last tour of the amazing career of Michael Jackson: "This is the final curtain call" (This is the last call from the stage) said at a press conference at the O2 in London , in announcing the tour.

The Film
After the death of Michael Jackson, Sony decided to purchase from AEG Live for $ 60 million to more than 100 hours of footage of the tests for "This Is It. " From these tests was born on that film was released in theaters around the world, titled "Michael Jackson's This Is It. " Fans, for two weeks, they had the chance to see Michael perform in his most famous pieces, in what in all likelihood would be the greatest comeback of all time. Furthermore, it was possible to see a Michael Jackson in good physical shape, capable, at 50, sing and dance like the best of times.

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